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The contract comes into effect upon registration (verbal, by telephone, WhatsApp, SMS or online) and ends automatically after passing the practical driving test. The STAR driving school undertakes to offer the learner drivers under the following conditions proper and proper training, which corresponds to the requirements of the Swiss Road Traffic Act for the admission of persons to road traffic.


The aim is to obtain a driving license for category B (car) in accordance with the Swiss examination requirements for the theoretical and practical driving test of the Association of Road Traffic Authorities (ASA).


The training driving instructor is in possession of the driving instructor license for issuing commercial driving lessons and will carry out the training in accordance with the latest methodological and didactic knowledge. The conclusion of the training contract does not guarantee that the driver's license will be obtained, especially if the learner driver wants to take the practical test too early.

Practical driving test

It is up to the driving instructor to register the student for the test. It decides whether someone is ready for the exam or not. The driving school Star takes the right to postpone or even cancel the test in case of doubt without prior agreement. At least two driving lessons are required for the practical driving test (at least three driving lessons are required for the practical driving test in the canton of Zurich). The first hour is used for preparation, "running in" and "warming up" for the test drive. The second hour is the practical test.


The lessons for the practical driving lessons are given with a specially equipped driving school vehicle. In individual cases, a conventional vehicle may be used (service, breakdown, etc.). The tariff per lesson does not change as a result.

lesson duration

A driving lesson, also called a driving lesson for category B, lasts 45 minutes and a double lesson lasts 90 minutes and consists of: welcome, orientation, instructions, practical driving, final meeting and new appointment.


Cancellations: Agreed driving lessons must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise they will be charged. A cancellation via WhatsApp, SMS is only accepted if this is confirmed by us. This is because learner drivers have repeatedly sent messages to the wrong number or address. Late arrival or late cancellation of agreed appointments are at the expense of the learner driver. Regardless of the reason for the cancellation.


The driving instructor will wait a maximum of 15 minutes at the agreed meeting point. If the learner driver does not appear at the agreed meeting point by this time or if no agreement can be reached by telephone, the driving instructor can leave the agreed meeting point and the driving lessons will be charged as completed

Learner's permit and conditions

The valid learner driver's license must be carried with you to every driving lesson and presented before the lesson. Without a valid learner's license, the lesson will be canceled with costs. Tight-fitting shoes and glasses/contact lenses are also mandatory, provided condition 01 is noted on the learner's permit.


Fines that are clearly caused by the fault of the learner driver are fully at the expense of the learner driver.


The prices can be viewed at any time on our website. We reserve the right to change these at any time and without notice.

terms of payment

Driving lessons and subscriptions must be paid for in cash or by bank transfer at the beginning of the lesson.


Subscriptions are perks and will only be refunded if paid in cash and in advance. Driving lessons that have not been paid for in advance are considered individual lessons. Unredeemed driving lessons of a subscription after passing the driving test will be refunded to the learner driver. The unredeemed driving lessons are counted back to the next smaller subscription. Any carry over will be paid out. The validity of a subscription ends after 2 years.

Open invoices

If driving lessons are not paid in full or if an invoice is not paid in full by the due date, the learner driver is automatically in default. An invoice must always be paid before the driving lessons to be taken. The learner driver bears all costs incurred by the STAR driving school as a result of the default in payment. No new driving lessons will be agreed until full payment has been made. An additional fee of CHF 10.00 will be charged for a reminder and an additional fee of CHF 50.00 for a threat of enforcement. A processing fee of CHF 150.00 will be charged in addition to the debt amount for a debt enforcement request. Should several driving lessons not have been paid towards the end of the training, these must be paid for by yourself at the latest on the day of the exam. Otherwise, the STAR driving school refuses to accompany you during the test. The resulting costs are at the expense of the learner driver.


Vouchers can only be redeemed after successful receipt of payment. A refund is only possible as long as the voucher has not been redeemed. Cash payment or reimbursement of unused driving lessons is excluded. If you successfully pass practical tests with the STAR driving school, unused lessons will be refunded from the voucher.

Star Guarantee

To claim the money-back guarantee, the following conditions must be met: Unsatisfactory services must be promptly reported to the management of Star Driving School. Our money-back guarantee only applies to individual lessons. Refunding or reimbursement for multiple driving lessons afterwards is excluded. Exam Guarantee: If you are ready for the exam and, with the consent of your driving instructor, you have taken the practical exam but did not pass because you were given topics during the exam that were not discussed and documented in the training, then we will cover the costs of your exam.

Administration and insurance fee & Exclusion from insurance coverage

The administration fee is mandatory from the first driving lesson and must be paid in cash at the beginning of the training (even if you change driving schools). If a trial lesson has been agreed, the administration fee for the trial lesson is not due. This includes services that are provided outside of the actual driving lessons, such as training advice, exam registration, administration with authorities and costs for telephone calls, postage and IT. Furthermore, during the training lessons, the increased risk of liability, fully comprehensive vehicle insurance and passenger insurance is included in the insurance flat rate without a deductible. The administration fee is a one-off fee of CHF 100 and is only valid for the duration of the driving training at the STAR driving school. The insurance is only valid for trips with driving instructors from the STAR driving school. The insurance company reserves the right to make any warranty claims in the following cases: driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, misuse of medication, fatigue and during motorcycle courses.

Basic motorcycle course (MGK)

The Star Driving School does not rent out motorcycles. The driving lessons and courses must be completed with your own motorcycle. Your own motorcycle must be in perfect technical condition (the tread depth of the tires must be at least 1.6mm). The motorcycle should be refueled. Motorcycle clothing should be available; (Motorcycle pants (if possible with protectors), motorcycle jacket (if possible with protectors), shoes (ankle-protecting, sturdy shoes), motorcycle gloves and a helmet. In bad weather, it is advantageous to bring a rain suit. In the event of damage or accidents during the training, the Driving school Star accepts no liability. The courses take place in all weather conditions. In bad weather (fog, snowfall, frost) the course will be canceled by the driving instructor. Basic course lasts 4 x 60 minutes (including a break)

Emergency helpers and traffic knowledge (VKU)

Driving school Star maintains cooperation with various organizations. You can find the general terms and conditions for the emergency helper courses and traffic knowledge lessons on the homepages of the relevant organization via the respective link on our homepage. The general terms and conditions of the respective driving schools are binding. Therefore, the Star driving school excludes any responsibility, liability or recourse for the first-aid courses and traffic lessons. In these cases, discrepancies must be clarified with the organization that conducts the lessons.

contractual relationship

The contractual relationship between the learner driver and the driving instructor can be terminated by either party at any time.

Payment method Purchase on account

When canceling a product that was made using the payment method purchase on account, the invoice costs remain at the expense of the customer. General terms and conditions for "purchase on account" The following costs are borne by the customer: Invoice fee: CHF 2.90 per invoice Reminder fees in the event of non-payment within 30 days: payment reminder free of charge, second and third reminder CHF 25 each. File assignment fee in case of collection: CHF 20. Interest on late payment: 10% per annum, from the due date of the invoice until full payment of the amount due


The STAR driving school undertakes to use the required personal data of the course participants exclusively for its own data processing and to only pass them on to authorized third parties who are also bound by strict confidentiality (e.g. road traffic office, accounting/fiduciary). Photographs and videos taken during driver training may be used for our website or other advertising purposes.

business conditions

The STAR driving school can change the general terms and conditions at any time.

place of jurisdiction

Swiss law applies. The place of jurisdiction is the seat of the driving school..

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

Driving school STAR reserves the right to change or supplement these terms and conditions for the future. Wettingen, December 22, 2021